Feeling fiesty 5

That’s me who’s feisty, not Hestia!

I picked up groceries today from a different Walmart, and they were out of only two items! This is a huge improvement from my normal Walmart store. So I had to go to Lidl to get a pork roast and some salsa.

I double masked, vested Hestia up, and went inside.

As I was selecting my roast, there was a grocery employee about 8 ft from me stocking the case. A woman approached with no mask on, and the employee very politely offered her a mask. Of course she refused, and the employee said that it was store policy to require masks. The lady went off on the poor employee, yelling at him about how anti-Christian he was being to require masks.

I listened as I searched for just the right roast, and finally couldn’t take it anymore. I interrupted and thanked the employee for enforcing the mask rule, and said that I felt a lot safer. So of course the woman turned her ire to me! She started yelling at me about how stupid and useless masks are. I told her that my husband could die from this virus. So then she started in on me about how anti-Christian it is to require masks. I wasn’t very nice… I said something like “As a Christian shouldn’t you care about people dying?” and then I turned and left the encounter. I didn’t want to be close to a yelling maskless person any longer!

She was soon escorted out of the store!

I got my roast and a couple jars of a salsa Brad likes, and checked out.

Before having a service dog, there is no way I could have stood up to someone and had a confrontation in a store like that. But having a service dog, I’m now used to standing up for myself and others. Don’t get me wrong, I was shaking and a nervous wreck afterward! But at least I stood up for that poor employee she was berating!

And Miss Hestia was very good in the store! Not perfect, she did pull in the parking lot to get to the store out of excitement (we haven’t been to Lidl in like 6-8 months), and she did pull a couple times in the store. But when I reminded her to stay with me, she came right back into position.

I got a picture of Hestia, a small white and black dog wearing a galaxy vest, standing in front of my cart which has only a cloth bag, a pork roast, and two jars of salsa in it.

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5 thoughts on “Feeling fiesty

  • Sabrina

    I’m so proud of you. I am a Christian and my question for a year is Jesus said we are to love others more than myself. So why don’t my fellow believers not love me this way. I’ve gone to physical church twice and no one wearing a mask. I left being nervous that even though I wore a mask would I come down with the virus. I’m sorry anyone calling themself a believer represented my faith in that manner.
    I’ve had one intense confrontation and that was at my primary care doctor that had dealt with a number of patients bringing in fake service dogs. It was hard but worth the time educating and standing up for myself and my very well mannered dog.