Pink and black meditations 3

I had only three leggings outfits for wintertime that fit right now, and it was getting tiresome always rotating between the three (because it’s been too cold for dresses now that I’m walking every morning!). So I made an order from Shein for two tops, and also got a pair of leggings from Amazon. They arrived on Friday!

I told Brad I just wanted some quick photos to post reviews on the Shein website (you earn points by doing that), but he thought I meant a full on photo shoot.

Yesterday we started taking pictures, and I was surprised how long we were taking with each outfit! But Brad was enjoying himself, and I never say no to a photo shoot, so it worked out!

Brad directed me to do lots of strange things during this photo shoot! He had me meditate on Hestia’s new meditation pillow (dog bed). Of course Hestia also showed it off, too! He had me look angry, scheming, and even like I was using Hestia’s new bed to defend myself like a shield!

Below are the pictures he took and edited.

I am a white woman with long curly brown hair. The first outfit I am wearing purple, pink, and turquoise paisley leggings with a lavender smock-type shirt. Brad had me do lots of dancing and reaching for the light pictures in that outfit.

The second outfit I am wearing a black sweetheart neck A-line dress with my old galaxy leggings (the other top that goes with those is currently too small). That’s where Brad has me doing all the strange poses about meditation, scheming, and defending myself.

Hestia’s new meditation pillow is an 18 inch round pillow. It looks like it is from India, and has lots of purples, pinks, and blues in repeating mandala-type patterns. The edge has little white balls hanging off it all around. We may have to cut these off, depending on if Hestia’s cat-brain thinks they are toys!

Enjoy the pictures!

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