90% in the store 2

Today our Walmart pickup order was out of stock for snow peas, bok choy, broccoli shreds, and almond milk.  

The broccoli shreds I could do without (those just go on my hummus toast for lunch).  But we can’t do without almond milk (my breakfast smoothies and Brad’s cereal).  And the snow peas and bok choy are essential for the Turkey Hot and Sour Soup I’m making for dinner tonight.

So I had to go to Publix after Walmart.

It’s been probably four months since we’ve been to a grocery store.
During that four months, occasionally we’ve stepped into somewhere for a few minutes like to pick up or drop off something, or to get labs done. But really Hestia hasn’t been anywhere much.

She was OK in the store.

I’d give her a 90%, which for me is low.  She walked ahead of me more than I would have liked and pulled a little.  She also sniffed the floor a few times.
Oh well, no one’s perfect.  I’ll just have to do some retraining once this is all over.

Can’t wait until it is!

And bonus, I was able to get vegan cream cheese at Publix (they don’t sell it at Walmart) so I don’t have to make my own from scratch next week for Creamy Chicken Chili. It was also on sale for more than half off!

(Also making over the next two weeks Chicken Marsala– but I’m having trouble placing a pick up order for marsala wine with our local liquor store)

I snapped a couple of photos of Hestia in the milk section since I was checking my list on my pone and she was just so cute 🙂 She is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a purple service dog coat.

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