The end of an era 8

Ollie’s been slowly declining since his cancer diagnosis about six months ago. But we thought at the rate he was going, he might even get to meet our new puppy coming home this summer.

Over the weekend, though, Ollie’s health took an abrupt turn for the worse. We consulted with the vet, and decided it was time. Ollie was really struggling.

We spent the morning loving on him. Most of the time he just lay there as I pet him. But for a short while, he felt well enough to stand up and give us kisses.

We got pictures of our last moment with Ollie before going to the vet.

Luckily they let us be inside with him while he went to sleep. He was a good boy, very much loved. He loved the ocean, fetching his ball, and licking us. He loved his sister, and was super tolerant of her annoying ways.

The house feels empty without him. And his spot on the couch is unfilled.

We love you, we miss you. Run free.

Pictures are in black and white of a silver Standard Poodle with a woman with long wavy hair and a man in a white hat in a wheelchair.

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