We are not amused 1

Today Miss Hestia told me several time, “we are not amused”. Like the Queen in the Dr. Who episode, he he he!

Hestia dislikes going out in the cold weather. This morning, I wanted to go for a walk like usual. However, Hestia was not interested.

I coaxed her to get out of her crate. I cajoled her. Nothing worked! Finally I reached in and dragged her out of her crate. She gave me the side eye while I put her coat on.

Then we made it over to the door. I opened the door and walked out. Hestia did not. I had to push her out the door!

When we got to the end of our driveway, she stopped again and refused to move.

Finally we got our walk started and Hestia warmed up a bit to the idea!

That is, until we hit the end of our 20 min loop. We have a 20 min turnaround, 25 min turnaround, and 30 min turnaround that we do on different days. At the 20 min one, Hestia stopped dead in her tracks and refused to go further.

I coaxed, I cajoled, and I had to pull to get her to move forward.

Then she was fine until the 25 min turnaround. At that point she was like nope!

I made her go further, and at the 30 min point she probably would have thrown a full out tantrum if I had made her walk any further!

Miss Hestia is such a diva! The whole walk, every time the wind would blow hard or we got to a turnaround point, she’d give me the side eye and look sooooo not amused.

It was a really funny walk! For me, not Hestia, because Hestia just kept saying “we are not amused!”. I kept saying “you are so amusing!”.

He he he!

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One thought on “We are not amused

  • debandtoby

    i can’t deal with very cold because of my asthma, so by the time it’s something I can tolerate – usually in the 40s – as long as Eowyn has on her coat or parka, she’s fine.