Second sleep position 1

I sleep in two shifts. For my first sleep, I go to bed around 5:30 PM and wake up between 10:30-11 PM. Then I hang out with Brad until I fall asleep for my second sleep around 3:30-4 AM. Finally I wake up from second sleep around 7AM.

For my second sleep, I like to have the white noise of the TV on, so I sleep on the couch. The dogs love sleeping with me! Hestia especially loves sleeping on me when I use the Japanese Chin blanket my friend Deanna got for me when I had surgery last year.

Brad got a picture of them with me as I was about to drift off to my second sleep this morning. At the top of the picture is a white woman’s head with brown hair. I have a blue blanket pulled up to my chin, and a white blanket with a GIANT picture of a Japanese Chin on it and brown paw prints on top of the blue blanket. I am on an elephant grey reclining couch. Ollie, a silver Standard Poodle, is curled up next to me. Hestia, a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes lies on my stomach and looks up at the camera as if she’s wondering if this is a good enough reason for her sleep to be disturbed. Hestia is lying on top of the words “dog mom” on the blanket.

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