COVID tests—abundance of caution 1

Last week when I got my blood drawn, apparently there was someone working there who was contagious with COVID. They sent me a letter yesterday informing me.

After I freaked out a lot, Brad and I decided to get tested. Luckily there were appointments available today at an urgent care nearby.

We had to wait in the van for them to text us, and then go to a semi-walled in area outside of the center.

The doctor came out and explained things, then stuck a swab really really far up both my nostrils. Hestia was such a good girl, she just hung out in my lap and didn’t care that my nostrils were being accosted.

Then the doctor swabbed Brad’s nostrils (with a different swab of course!).

We should know results in 2–3 days.

We got some pictures of us waiting in the car and getting our tests done. In the pictures I am a woman with long brown hair wearing a pink shirt and pink leggings with flowers and Bulldog faces on them. I have a grey mask with multi-colored polka dots on it. Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes. She has a galaxy vest on. Brad is a bearded man wearing pants, bowtie, and hat that are white with grey stripes. He has a peacock feather shirt, a purple blazer, and a black and white scarf. His mask is purple.

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