Returns and gas 1

Today we had to go out to drop off Amazon returns and get gas. Brad was very nice and drove! Unfortunately Amazon made us drop off some of our returns at Kohl’s, and others at the UPS store! We didn’t have a choice in this unless we wanted to pay extra. UGH Amazon! There’s a pandemic going on, why do we have to go into a store to drop off our returns at all?!

Anyway, we started off at Kohl’s, and Hestia was GREAT heeling through the store while I was carrying a large box with two hands! I was very proud of her!

The employees didn’t say a word about her, which was great. While we were making our returns, a mom and her child got in line behind us. The mom actually told her daughter not to pet or bother the service dog! I was very thankful, and said so. We got into a short conversation about how I know how hard it is, as I always wanted to pet the doggies I saw when I was a kid. But that it was important to respect service dogs being working dogs. So nice!

I snapped a pic of Hestia while we were making our returns. Hestia was almost perfect on the way out, though she did try to sniff a stuffed animal on a low shelf on our way past!

Then we went to the gas station, where Brad parked super close to the pump LOL. I was having some anxiety issues, so I carried Hestia in my arms while I got gas. Keeping with the picture theme, I got a picture of her in my arms!

Then we went to Staples as they have a UPS center there to return the last package. I was shocked when we entered and saw the shelves bare– apparently tomorrow is that location’s last day in business!

We had to wait in line a while, so I got a picture of us in line at the sign that says to stay 6 feet apart.

Hestia was perfect in Staples, except for the fact that she had to sneeze when we were trying to make our way out of the store. Hestia cannot sneeze and walk at the same time, so we had to stop and wait for her sneeze to come, and then exit the store. Silly girl!

Now we’re home and happy those errands are done! Hopefully we can relax for the rest of the day!

In the pictures, Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a purple service dog coat. The little bits of me you see, I’m wearing a red long wool coat over some turquoise unicorn guinea pig leggings with red boots. Enjoy!

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