Labcorp take two

This morning we had to drop off my specimen collection jug to the lab for cortisol testing.

It was COLD out, so I had Hestia’s turquoise coat on underneath her purple galaxy vest.

She was absolutely perfect yet again! We walked in and I had to use a check in kiosk, and even though I put my specimen jug on the floor right next to her, she didn’t even attempt to sniff it or anything.

Then we had to go in the back to give them the jug and answer a few questions. I had to stand in a small room while the lab techs talked about my jug and asked me questions. Hestia just hung out next to me. She found one of those anti-fatigue cushy mats on the floor and sat right on that. I think she was very pleased with herself to be in such luxury LOL!

No one said a thing about her this time we were there, which was awesome. And Hestia heeled perfectly the entire time, and ignored everything and everyone. I was so impressed!

Afterwards, I got a couple selfies of us together in the car.

Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a turquoise coat and a purple and black galaxy themed service dog vest. I am a woman with long brown-pink hair, wearing a red coat, and I have a matching galaxy fabric mask on.

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