Crown braid first attempt 4

I’ve always wanted to try braiding my hair into a crown around my head– it looks very fairy-like! This morning I watched a few tutorials on how to do it on youtube and tried it for the first time!

The result is a bit lopsided, especially as I only own one bobby pin! But it worked and I like it.

I added some bobby pins to my Walmart order I’m picking up tomorrow, so next time I do it, it should look less lopsided!

While Hestia and I were on our walk this morning, I snapped a few pics.

I am a white woman with pink-brown hair that is braided in a crown around my head. I am wearing a light pink shirt. Hestia is in my arms, with her head next to my face. She is a white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes.

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