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It’s official, I’ll be getting a new puppy this summer!

Hestia will be almost 7 this summer, and most service dogs tend to retire between 8-10 years old. It takes about 3 years to train a new service dog. I don’t need the new dog to be completely trained before Hestia retires, but I do need them to be trained enough so that I can go out in public with them and have them assist me. If not, I’ll be stuck at home, terrified to venture out. So this summer seems like a pretty good time.

I’m going with Ni Kokoro Japanese Chin again– that’s the same breeder (Carla is her name) I got Hestia from!

Carla is AWESOME! We have kept in touch since I got Hestia, and now with getting this new puppy I’ve had all kinds of questions. She always replies quickly and tells me everything I want to know.

She even sent me pictures of the dogs that might be my puppy’s parents! I’ll post them at the bottom of this entry (with permission), and describe each dog below.

There are two potential moms.

Annie (first picture) is a white-faced Chin, meaning that she doesn’t have the typical black markings over both eyes. She’s the one who I want to be the mom a little more, just based on the pictures.

Lucy (last picture) is the other potential mom. She has a typical Chin coloring with black over both eyes. In the picture she has two puppies with her. If Lucy is the mom, there would be a dad from a different kennel (not pictured).

If white-faced Annie is the mom, then either Georgie or Hebi will be the dad. Lucy is the mother to both Georgie and Hebi, so no matter what my puppy will have a little Lucy in them. Both Georgie and Hebi are Grand Champions.

Georgie (second picture) is a smaller looking Chin, and he has the funniest expression! He appears to have big white cheeks.

Hebi (third picture) is being held by my breeder with some ribbons he won.

They are all adorable, but I have a slight preference for Annie and Georgie as parents. We’ll see in time who gets pregnant and with whom!

I’ll update you guys as I get more news on when Annie and/or Lucy go into season, who they are bred with, when puppies are due, and more!

So excited!

If you aren’t already familiar with how to set yourself up for success when picking a service dog prospect—including why I go with a puppy and a reputable breeder—check out my article on “Choosing the Right Dog“.

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