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I decided to collect my favorite service dog (and one superhero) videos of Hestia, Ollie, and Sabrina for your viewing pleasure! I have 5 videos of Hestia, and 4 each of Ollie and Sabrina. They’re roughly in order of newest to oldest. I’ll describe each video before the embedded video.

This first video is of Hestia riding the Metro (subway) in DC. She sits super calmly as the train approaches quickly, then boards the train like it’s no big deal.

Hestia goes through a revolving door in this video. She is very excited to demonstrate and does a little leap of happiness at the end!

In Hestia’s superhero origin story, Hestia goes outside during a storm, gets struck by lighting, is on fire in the fireplace, and then recovers in the bathtub where her face begins to melt and change colors. Brad had fun making this video!

Hestia and her mini poodle friend Gigi practice going through airport security in this video.

Hestia rocks her first time in a glass elevator!

In this first Ollie video, he stands as he rides a carousel! What a good boy!

Ollie and his German Shepherd friend Iris show no fear in the Halloween aisle!

Part 1 of Ollie’s Public Access Test, he rocked it!

Ollie shows no fear with a BART train approaching and passing at full speed! It just blows his fluffy fur around!

Sabrina, my first service dog, demonstrates how she hangs out under my desk in the lab, and then walks through the unsafe area with booties.

Sabrina’s public access test, she’s a star!

Sabrina does agility, her favorite doggy sport!

And the last video is the first service dog video we ever took! It is of Sabrina riding the BART train!

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