Snow on Christmas 3

This morning we got a Christmas surprise– SNOW! Yes, snow in South Carolina on Christmas!

Of course Hestia and I went on a walk in it! I had a great time, but Hestia not so much. The Empress did not enjoy the cold on her paws, and kept trying to head home.

While on our walk we took pictures in front of three sets of yard decorations, and a couple of videos, too, so you can see the snowflakes. The first decorations were small reindeer. The second a blow-up Santa, elves, and snowman. The last were some reindeer and snowmen, but one of the reindeer had fallen over. We also got a couple of selfies where you can see the snowflakes on our hair and coats.

Hestia was so miserable that she made me turn back from our walk early. LOL! She definitely doesn’t like precipitation of any kind, especially the frozen kind!

Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a red coat with a hood. Veronica is a woman wearing a red coat and a pink poodle hat. Enjoy!

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