Non-Skid Ollie 3

Ollie’s legs don’t have a bunch of good muscle anymore, so he’s been sliding around along on our floors. We were worried he’d hurt himself, and he gets really scared about things like getting off the couch where he might slip.

So we bought him non-skid socks! I like them a lot. We got the kind that have non-skid stuff on the top and bottom, and they have a velcro strap to help keep them on. Ollie doesn’t need the strap it turns out.

He likes his socks much better than he likes boots! He hasn’t had any problems wearing them at all. And he seems more sure of his footing in the few hours they’ve been on. So overall a great use of $10!

Here are a few pictures of Ollie in his new socks. He is a silver Standard Poodle, and the socks are black with white paw prints on them. The first two pictures are in front of our hallway and fireplace, and the last picture is of him on the couch with his back leg stretched out almost equal with his front leg! Yes, he has looooong legs!

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