Breaking out the winter coat

This morning when we left for the grocery store, it was very very cold! It was only 32 degrees F! There was frost on my windshield even. That’s about 10 degrees colder than the coldest night this season so far!

So I decided it was time to break out Hestia’s winter service dog coat. This is a purple coat with a reflective service dog patch on the back of it. It fits Hestia well, and is lined with flannel.

We went to two grocery stores, Lidl and Publix. Hestia heeled really great in both stores and had wonderful attention on me. I took a video of Hestia walking down an aisle with me, and also some pictures to show off her winter service dog coat.

The pictures are in front of the coconut-sugar sweetened rice crisp cereal that we use for rice krispie treats– it was on sale! Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes, wearing the afore mentioned purple service dog coat. In the video, she walks down the tea and coffee aisle. Enjoy!

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