Mason jar score 2

I’ve been looking for quart mason jars for a month or so now. I think with the pandemic, people are more into cooking and canning, so they’ve been out of stock almost everywhere! Normally mason jars cost about $12 for a dozen. But they had them on amazon for $50 for a dozen!!! No way was I paying that!

Every day I check the stock at several stores for my mason jars, and last night Target had them in stock at our local store!!!!! I was very excited and immediately put them in my cart for pickup. I also let the other people on nextdoor who had been looking for them know where to find them 🙂

So this morning after a quick walk, Hestia and I headed to Target. It was the first time Hestia’s been anywhere other than Publix or Lidl (grocery stores) for about six months! I was a bit nervous about how she’d do, being so long since she’d been in any other store. But she was great!

We weren’t in the store for long, just walking in and over to the pickup counter, and hanging out around there while they got our order. But she heeled perfectly, ignored people calling to her (all Target employees, ugh), and was great! When we got our stuff in the cart and took it out to the car she was perfect again. I didn’t have to touch the leash once!

When I got then items in our car, I took a picture of Hestia standing on top of the 12-pack of mason jars. She is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wearing a purple and blue and black galaxy vest. She is standing on a case of quart sized mason jars, which are on the rubberized floor of a wheelchair accessible van.

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