Hestia at grocery checkout 1

The other day when I was getting extra blackberries at the grocery store, I took a video of Hestia during checkout and on our way to the car.  She’s not perfect, but then again no dog is perfect!  I think she does fairly well, though.  Enjoy!

Video description: A small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes wears a purple and black galaxy fabric vest with a patch reading “service dog do not pet”. She heels next to the cart as we approach the checkout. She waits while I unload my blackberries onto the belt. Then we walk together up to the pay station. Here she stays in a forward heel position, alert to all the sounds and people walking by. At one point she moves forward, so I call her back to my side and put her in a sit. She remains in the sit until it is time to leave. She heels next to the cart as we walk out of the store and to the car, avoiding a puddle on the way.

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