Hestia’s superhero origin? 1

Last night while I was asleep, Brad made a video using his new colored lights! It could be Hestia’s superhero origin story! Warning: this video has flashing lights. Description of video is below the embedded video.

Description of video: From outside the window, you look in and see Hestia looking confused while watching TV. A laugh track plays as she gives funny expressions, and the lights wax and wane. Cut to inside the house, Hestia spins in circles (her cue that she needs to potty). The door magically opens for her, and she runs out into the yard. While in the yard, there is thunder and lightning and Hestia is struck by lightning! On fire from the lightning, Hestia seeks shelter in the fireplace atop the logs with red light emanating. Hestia then retreats to the bathtub where she cools off amid blue light with steam rising from her body. Then something strange (or stranger!) starts to happen… The lights start changing color rapidly, Hestia looks around confusedly, and her eyes bulge out and morph into strange shapes! The lights and Hestia’s movements slow down, and “to be continued” comes up on screen.

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One thought on “Hestia’s superhero origin?

  • Dan O

    I knew that dog had super powers. Wow she was not flustered at all when showing some of her flashing super powers. Hestia to the rescue!!!