Two stores, no treats 1

Today Hestia and I went grocery shopping. We needed to go to Publix to get some things that Lidl doesn’t carry. But we also needed to stock up on meat for Ollie since we now have a freezer in our garage. And Publix charges twice as much for meat as Lidl does! So we had to go to both stores.

I realized when I got there that I had forgotten to grab treats. I also couldn’t remember where I was in my treat-weaning schedule, so I hoped that it was a good time to have forgotten treats!

Hestia did a good job!

We got almost everything we needed between the two stores. Both stores had sales on flavored sparkling water that were really good, so we ended up getting 12 boxes… I was planning on getting much fewer than that, but there were so many awesome sounding flavors of La Croix at Publix that I couldn’t decide. And La Croix rarely goes on sale for that price! So we have a lot of sparkling water now. I know we’ll drink it eventually!

Hestia’s only real misstep was in the checkout line when some onion skin fell off of an onion. She tried to play with it! I don’t think anyone saw her, though. In fact, the checkout person and bagger both didn’t even notice I had a service dog with me until I got out my phone to take a picture of her lying on the floor!

Mushrooms were on sale at Publix, so I got a bunch of them and am going to make three mushroom recipes in the next two weeks. I already made Hungarian mushroom soup. Next I will make sausage and mushroom casserole. And then I’ll make mushroom risotto.

But for now, I’m going to rest! It’s been a busy day! I’ve also made bread and had a meeting.

I took a couple of pictures of Hestia in the car after Lidl. She is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and googley eyes. She is wearing a galaxy vest and has a yellow and black Roadie Ruff Rider seatbelt on over the vest. It is buckled into the seatbelt. And there is a picture of her on the floor lying down in her galaxy vest at Publix, too. Enjoy!

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