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Today we went to the grocery store! We normally go on Fridays, but are gradually switching to Wednesdays because Wednesdays and Thursdays are the least busy days. So this time we went on a Monday. In a little over two weeks when we go again, we’ll go on Wednesday and then stick with that.

I was so anxious about getting there early to avoid crowds that I woke up before my alarm at 7:30AM! That’s two hours earlier than I usually wake up. Hestia was not too pleased to be roused at that hour, but once I got her seatbelt on her, she was happy to get out the door and into the car.

Hestia did really well in the grocery store! I didn’t use any treats, as I used treats last time we went to the store. We spent a long long time in the produce section because I found a recipe for vegan stuffed peppers that I’m going to make and it had a lot of ingredients I hadn’t bought before at Publix. So I had to spend a lot of time looking around to try to find the ingredients. I did in the end have to ask for help finding the basil because I was looking for bunches of basil leaves. Turns out the basil was in a package, so I had passed over it.

We got LOTS of yummy stuff! Cherries, nectarines, kiwis, and strawberries were all on sale! We got loads of veggies, and fancy purple potatoes were on sale and we love those!

We hardly got anything that wasn’t in the produce section. Now Hestia was PERFECT in the produce section! Her one mistake while we were in the store was in the salsa aisle. I was getting salsa for Brad, and I looked down at Hestia and she was about to sniff some tortillas! I was mortified! I told her to leave it, and she didn’t! I had to shoo her away and about died of embarrassment. Other than that one mistake, she was pretty much perfect the rest of the time. Her heel is really good!

When we got home I disinfected the groceries, put them away, and showered.

I took a picture of us in the car in the parking lot before going into Publix. I am a woman with long brown hair wearing a galaxy mask. Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose wearing a galaxy vest. Over my shoulder you can see through the car window the giant Publix sign over the store.

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