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Today we made our biweekly trip to the grocery store! I decided it would be worth it to have a few treats in the child seat area of the cart and give them to Hestia when she was going well. It’s a risk, but dogs don’t usually get the virus so I felt it was worth the risk to do a little training.

Hestia was great!!!!! All it took was her knowing I had treats on offer and she remembered all her previous good service dog behavior. And I only gave her about 4 treats the whole time we were in the store. She didn’t seem to mind me giving them to her with latex gloves on, either. She heeled great, sniffed stuff only twice, and was able to ignore several people who baby talked with her.

I even got into a conversation with a little girl about how Hestia helps me while the girl’s mom was taking forever deciding what chicken to get.

The visit to the store was pretty good. Less than half the customers were wearing masks, but all the employees were. The chicken was twice as expensive as it usually is! Most everything I was able to get.

They had a sale on Bubly flavored sparkling water to buy one get one free. I had planned to stock up and get 8 boxes of it because it is a good deal and Bubly is my favorite brand. But when I got to the aisle they were all out! I even asked someone to check in the back and they didn’t have any back there. That was a bummer.

They of course also didn’t have alcohol or hand sanitizer (I just want a small bottle to put in my purse).

When I was checking out I got to use Apple pay for the first time ever. I got laundry detergent which doesn’t qualify for EBT, so I took out my phone and used Apply pay for that. It worked well!

Then I went to pick up kombucha from Brad’s aunt. She has gardenias growing next to her front door and they smelled so nice!

When I got home, I unloaded everything and found one loaf of my bread got squished 🙁 Bummer. But everything else was good. I sanitized everything and then showered so I am virus free!

I took a picture of Hestia and me in the car before we went into the store. Hestia is a small white and black dog with a smushed nose and her eyes in the picture are really googley! They look like they are almost pointing 180 degrees away from each other! I have long brown hair and am wearing a light blue mask with pink flowers, bees, and lady bugs on it.

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One thought on “Doing better in the store

  • Jennifer and Bunny

    That’s great that Hestia was so super! 🙂

    Also, I think it’s silly that EBT doesn’t cover laundry detergent. It is needed so people can have clean clothes!