The Greatest Show 1

Today we hung out with Scarlet! We watched The Greatest Showman, which is seriously one of the best movies ever! And then we went to Harris Teeter for grocery shopping.

If you haven’t seen The Greatest Showman, you need to! It is a musical starring Hugh Jackman (Wolverine from The X-men). Boy can he sing! The movie has all kinds of disability and acceptance themes in it that make it really worthwhile, too.

After the movie we had dinner, and then Scarlet and I headed to Harris Teeter. I have been to Harris Teeter a few times in the past just for one or two items, but never for an entire grocery trip. It was an OK store, but not as good as Publix or Lidl.

Hestia wasn’t so great in Harris Teeter, probably because it was close to her dinner time. Then about halfway through the store, I noticed that Hestia kept looking at Scarlet and trying to do a paws up on Scarlet. Eventually they told me that they were feeling anxious, and we think that Hestia was trying to help them.

I did get a little overwhelmed in the frozen veggie aisle with too many options of not the stuff I wanted. I ended up getting like 4 bags of veggies more than I needed (and could fit in the veggie drawer) because I was so overwhelmed. Oh well. If that’s the only shopping mistake I made, that’s pretty good.

I helped carry groceries up to Scarlet’s apartment, and Hestia got to meet their cat Abra.

Now we are back at home, and I am very tired! Good thing I get a day off tomorrow!

I got one picture while we were in Harris Teeter of Scarlet with Hestia. Scarlet is wearing a black shirt that has three checkbox options. The first says “girl”, the second says “boy”, and the third says “an experience”. The third one is checked. Hestia is a small white and black Japanese Chin, but you can’t see her galaxy vest in the picture. They are in the frozen food section.

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