Hestia’s throne 1

Whenever Hestia rides on someone’s lap in a power wheelchair or electric cart from the grocery store, she acts like she is riding on a throne.

Today we had to go to the grocery store to take advantage of a $10 off coupon. Since I’m only 5 days out from surgery, I used the electric cart. Hestia was very pleased!

She alternated between sitting and lying on my lap, looking out over her kingdom with a serene and regal air. She acted like the cart moved around the store as a result of her thoughts alone! She anticipated every turn just a little, and leaned into it like it was all her idea where to go.

She does this whenever she rides on Brad’s lap in his power chair, too!

Now that I’ve had my surgery, I hope to not need to ride in a wheelchair again for a long long time. Hestia will have to make do with Brad’s lap being her only throne!

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One thought on “Hestia’s throne

  • deb

    Eowyn is a diva, too. Whenever I get on the table at physical therapy to do my lying down exercises, she imediatly (sorry, I can’t spell tooday) jumps up to the pillow and lies there. And although she moves to various locations on the bed at night, she always starts on the pillow.