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For the past week or so, I’ve been really struggling. I have been having a very hard time staying asleep at night. Usually I’m falling asleep OK around 9PM, but waking up around 1-2AM and not being able to sleep any more. I am getting a short nap in later in the morning, but it’s not all the sleep I need.

Additionally I’ve been feeling very stressed out and very driven. In other words, I’ve been feeling like I need to be moving and getting something done every second of the day. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling, and has been leading to me having mini-breakdowns in the afternoons.

Finally, I’ve been very irritable.

All these three things together point to potentially a foray into hypomania. Or it could just be that I’m getting stressed out with too much stuff to do for PSDP and with my upcoming surgery. It’s hard to tell.

So yesterday I went to see my psychiatric nurse practitioner who is awesome. I told her about all my symptoms, and asked her advise. She was concerned, but also unsure if it was just stress or if it is a real foray into hypomania.

We decided to try something natural for now as a sleep aid- melatonin. I am supposed to take it right before bed, and theoretically it will help me sleep through the night. Hopefully if the sleep issue clears up, the other issues will clear up, too.

She also gave me some samples for an increased dose of Latuda just in case it is hypomania and it gets worse. I won’t take them now, only if the melatonin doesn’t work or I get worse. So we will see.

We ordered some melatonin yesterday from Amazon and it will get here today. I chose a brand that has an outside lab verify the contents of each batch of pills. Hopefully it will help, because I need to be better off mentally for my upcoming surgery, and because being this unwell really sucks! I will keep you all posted!

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  • Rodney Evans

    I had the same problem because I was working 60 to 70 hour weeks for a utility company. Sleep deprivation was causing me to become neurotic, hallucinating, excessive cortisone in my system,high blood pressure.I eventually got physically sick. Heart palpitations. Diagnosis was a depleation of serotonin my system and minor heart attacks. Heart palpitations, stress is the root cause….