Trudging along towards surgery

Today we went all the way to Columbia (1 hr 10 min drive) to see my surgeon. He moved practices from Lancaster to Columbia, so I had to see him in his new place to “establish care” for insurance.

To keep everyone up to date, insurance has denied my surgery twice. Once because they wanted a more recent pap and an ultrasound. We did that. Then they denied it again because they want laparoscopic proof (surgery) that I have endometriosis. I have laparoscopic proof from about 13 years ago, luckily.

Insurance also needs another consent for sterilization form signed with the new clinic. This form needs to be signed 30 days before I get my hysterectomy.

So I saw my doctor, and he was good as usual. I asked if my surgery could be classified as an emergency because of my horrific pain levels, but unfortunately the government doesn’t see it that way my doctor said.

We also talked about pain meds after surgery, as I am sensitive to opiates because they cause mood issues for me. He said there are non-opiate pain relievers they can use on me after surgery, so that was good.

He had a very nice nurse who was really on top of things come in, and she got me squared away with the request for my prior surgery records and signing the consent for sterilization form.

He also said that he’s going to have the surgery scheduling person go ahead and call me to schedule surgery ASAP. He expects insurance to have no reason not to approve it this time, so he wanted to get me scheduled as quickly as possible. Hopefully it’ll be exactly 30 days from today!

I may have to go back to Columbia once more before surgery to get some blood tests and do a pre-op appointment at the hospital. I am hoping we can get that done here in Rock Hill, but it might be a good idea to have an appointment at the hospital there so that they can see that I have Hestia before the day of surgery.

So it’s all looking good, and I’m hoping that I am having surgery a month from today!

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