Pavane 2

Today I got to hang out with my friend Doc! I picked him up and we went swimming first– 10 laps! Next time we are going to do 11. I remember when we first started swimming and could barely complete two laps. We are in much better shape nowadays and improving all the time.

We went to pick up our friend Dan for lunch, but he wasn’t feeling well 🙁 We headed to Red Bowl where I ordered Tangerine Beef. At every single Asian restaurant I’ve ever been to, beef is served as plain beef– not breaded and fried beef. But for some reason at Red Bowl, their Tangerine Beef is breaded and fried! And I am supposed to be gluten free! I didn’t want to return it, though, so I ate it. I have a headache and queasy stomach from it now, but not too too bad thank goodness. At least it tasted good.

After Red Bowl, we went back to Doc’s house and played music. We worked mostly on our song Pavane. It is a classical song, but we are playing it with a Jazz twist. We played it through like five times, and then recorded ourselves. We are improving! I think we are going to work more on harmonizing and taking turns in the future. The video of our performance is at the bottom of this post.

After that, I played The Boy Paganini, one of my all-time favorites. Only I didn’t do such a good job! I need to work on it more!

It was really nice to hang out with Doc, and I am having a lot of fun with music with him! Here is our video!

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