Friends and Walmart on a Saturday 2

Yesterday I got to hang out with my friends Doc and Dan! I picked Dan up first, and then we got Doc. We went to Just Fresh for lunch, one of our favorite places. I thought my pain for the month was over with, but all the driving and sitting upright really kicked it back in gear. It was a 4-5 on a 10 point scale by the time we arrived at the restaurant.

I took some extra pain meds and we had a relaxing lunch. Doc and Dan are great guys and we have so much fun together. After lunch, I drove us to Cookout where Doc and Dan got milkshakes! I LOVE milkshakes, but they have sugar in them. I was very proud of myself for resisting.

Then we went back to Doc’s house and watched videos of plane crashes, train crashes, and explosions on youtube. It was really fun! Though I forgot to get any pictures.

Today I got to see Doc again! I went to Bagel Boat for our weekly lunch with NAMI friends. On the way there I stopped by Aunt Nancy and Cousin Tamara’s house to pick up kombucha. They and their dog Rocco were extremely happy to see us!

There were a lot of us at Bagel Boat and we all had a good time talking. I sat next to Doc and Marija, so we talked the most. Tommy was across from me, so we mostly made faces at each other 🙂

After Bagel Boat, Doc and I went to Walmart because I needed chicken for Ollie. Walmart usually has chicken quarters for 54 cents a lb. We went to the Lake Wylie Walmart, which I hadn’t been to before. As soon as we walked it, we were pretty much attacked by other store patrons wanting to pet Hestia, ask questions about her, and follow us and stare at us!

I forgot that Walmart on a weekend is waaaay worse than Walmart during the week in terms of people not knowing how to deal with service dogs. It was brutal!

Unfortunately this Walmart didn’t sell the chicken quarters, and they also didn’t have any liver! So poor Ollie will just be eating drumsticks this week 🙁 We rushed around and got a few other items in between being harassed by the general public, and then got out of there as quickly as possible!

When I got home, Brad was just getting out of the shower. It is his birthday today, so we watched the special features for The Princess Bride. He enjoyed that, and I did, too! We will relax for the rest of the night– he is too tired to go out to eat or do anything special for his birthday.

I got a picture of a few of us at Bagel Boat sitting on a red couch. It’s not a very good one, but at least you can get an idea of who was there. On the left is my friend Doc, next to him is Marija, then me with Hestia in a purple vest, and finally Dan O (a different Dan than the one I hang out with with Doc weekly) standing up and leaning over next to us!

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2 thoughts on “Friends and Walmart on a Saturday

  • Rodney Evans

    It’s unfortunate that people are so ignorant and selfish in regards to an individual’s personal space. I watched a youtube video were a lady was offended because the service dog trainers would not let her daughter touch the service dogs that were in training. The lady had the audacity to threaten the trainers with a lawsuit because one of the trainers pushed her daughter’s hand away from one of the dogs.