Black vest and mat 3

Before I decided to stop doing orchestra*, my friend Deanna with Maxwell Smart and Jaxon T offered to send me a black Julius K9 vest with “service dog” on one side and “do not pet” on the other that didn’t fit her dogs. I also ordered a black fleece blanket sent to her, and she embroidered it in white with “service dog” and a paw print. Deanna is a great friend!

The vest and blanket arrived today! So of course we did a photo shoot! I took all the photos on the wooden ramp outside of our side door that leads out into the yard. In the background of the last few photos, you can see the basil plant that my friend Tami with Chili gave me! Enjoy the photos!

*I decided to stop doing orchestra because I am just so overwhelmed with all that I have to do in my life right now. I spend all day on the day of practice worrying about leaving the house, then I have to drive 30+ min there on the highway at night, practice for two hours, and drive home. I don’t get home until 10:15 or so! I’m not enjoying practice anymore, it is more stressful than enjoyable. So I am going to play my violin on my own, and do duets with my friend CJ who plays the saxophone. That will help me preserve my mental health and energy.

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