Public access test scoring 1

Today I made a video on how I score the public access test (PAT).  This video is both for testers as a for example, and also for teams taking the test, so they know what to be prepared for.  Hestia is a great demo dog!

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One thought on “Public access test scoring

  • deb rubin

    Hi Veronica,
    I really enjoyed your video. Eowyn used to be really sharp on all those things (except stairs, which I can not do [includes esclators]).(I can’t spell today) But last year she suffered multiple seizures and strokes, so for over a year now we’ve been working on getting her back. She will never be the same, so there are some things she just can’t do any more, some of which are relatedd to the meds she needs to be on.but I am always amazed at how much she can. Eowyn’s a pom; I usually carry her or put her in the shopping cart seat so I can feel her and she can still alert. Not to mention it’s safer in crowded stores!