Belated birthday bash 4

Yesterday was my birthday, but we were driving home from Ohio so no party. Today we went to my in-laws for a party just for me!

First we had to stop by and drop the rental van off in Charlotte. Our van (wheelchair accessible for Brad) had the ramp serviced while we were gone. The only drawback for our van was that the passenger seat did not recline. Brad needs to recline to save energy, so it made it harder for him to be a passenger.

When we took our van in for the service and picked up the rental van, we asked the dealership about it. Turns out that because the Toyota is a narrower van, when the ramp comes in and folds up, it prevents the seat from reclining back. Luckily they had fixed this very problem once before in another Toyota conversion van. So we had them fix it for us! They moved the seat over to the left an inch, and then shaved the foam in the seat down an inch so the seat wouldn’t hit the ramp. We were super excited to see it when we picked it up, and Brad will be a LOT more comfortable!

Then we drove over to Brad’s parents’ house for my party! We had such a fun time! Brad’s parents, brother, aunt, and cousin were all there to help me celebrate. I regaled them with tales of our Ohio trip, and we talked about all sorts of stuff like we always do. We never have a lack of conversation when we get together! It was super nice!

We had hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, with yummy coleslaw and deviled eggs, too! Then for dessert Brad’s mom made lemon cake and strawberry ice cream. They were a perfect match! Normally I don’t like to eat my cake and ice cream at the same time– I eat one and then the other. But these went so well together that I mushed them all up together on the plate.

We had a really wonderful time there, and I felt very loved. Brad’s family is awesome. Brad had fun, too, though he was really exhausted and so wasn’t able to talk much (not a problem because I talked enough for both of us!).

Brad’s mom had gotten me a crown to wear that says “Happy Birthday” in blue letters. At the end of the party, I put it on Hestia and she got a picture! It is super cute! Ignore me in the pic, because I look just kinda odd. But Hestia is looking awesome! Enjoy!

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