Purple vest 2

Hestia finally has a purple vest! On Amazon Prime Day, I found an updated purple version of her red mesh vest for only $14. I pounced on it, since the red mesh vest is one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was out of stock, so it has taken a few weeks to get here. Today it arrived and I really like it so far!

The vest has a wide purple strip running down the center of the vest, and it is black mesh on the sides. There are two reflective strips, one on either side of the vest where the purple and mesh meet. There are also two reflective service dog patches, one on either side, where the purple and mesh meet. On the top of the vest there is a D-ring, and a label that says DogLine. Ideally I’d like to add a PSDP patch, but I think that would take away too much of the pretty purple. I took a few pictures in the yard, enjoy!

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