August 7th, service dogs on the town

On August 7th from 3-4:30 PM I will be giving the Service Dog in Training Manners Evaluation (ME) at TJ Maxx in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Afterward, we will go to Panera to grab a coffee/smoothie/etc and discuss how it went. RSVP please, details below.

Remember that the ME is required to participate in further outings with the service dogs on the town group (, so this is a great opportunity to get it out of the way. If you can’t be there on the 7th, though, I can arrange to meet you at another time privately and give the ME.

Now a bit about the ME. This is a simple evaluation of how ready your dog is to be a service dog in training in no pet places. It is not a complicated public access test for fully trained dogs (that comes later!). This test allows you to use treats in certain ways and encourages training. Please be aware that only non-aversive techniques are allowed in this test. You do not need to be perfect to pass this test– it is simply “is your dog safe and happy to work as a SDIT in no pet places?”. Here is a link to the ME, please review it before coming so that you are prepared:

The TJ Maxx is located at 552 John Ross Pkwy, Rock Hill, SC 29730. The Panera is at 526 John Ross Pkwy Suite #101, Rock Hill, SC 29730. Most people can walk from one to the other, they are across a large parking lot from each other, and it is a .1 mile walk according to google. If walking is a problem for you, it is very easy to drive from one parking lot to the other.

As a reminder, service dogs and service dogs in training of all types are welcome. Both TJ Maxx and Panera are wheelchair accessible, as is the parking lot between them, and my husband who is in a power chair will likely be with us, as well.

Dogs of all levels are welcome. Novice dogs can work on the basics, while advanced dogs can fine tune their skills. Cross talk, advice, encouragement, etc between teams in class is encouraged!

The cost is a nominal $5 per team.

Please let me know if you plan to attend by responding here or by texting me! We will meet outside TJ Maxx, and if you end up not being able to come, text me at 510-367-4267 to let me know you won’t be there so we don’t wait for you.

If my husband Brad attends, he may ask if it is OK to take pictures of the outing. We will not make you look bad! It is totally OK if you don’t want you and/or your dog in pictures, just tell Brad when he asks at the start of the outing. Some pictures may be posted in my blog at (take a look to see the quality of pictures posted). I am bringing this up so that you can think about your preferences in advance.

Hope to see some of you on the 7th!

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