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I have official Dr. V business cards! And they have braille on them, too! The front of the business card is oriented horizontally with text on the left hand side and a rounded picture in the top right corner of Hestia googling her eyes like crazy and sticking her tongue out in a smile.

It says “Dr. Veronica Morris, ‘Dr. V’,, DrVeronicaMorris @, (510) 367-4267 (texts preferred)” . In braille, it says “Veronica Morris” printed in clear raised ink over the top. For those who don’t know, braille takes up a lot more space, so you can only get four lines of 10 characters per line on one side of the business card.

The reverse side of the card is oriented vertically. Covering almost the top half is a picture of Hestia in her red vest in Sam’s club standing up while ignoring someone petting her in the background, and below that it says “SERVICE DOG, blog, training assistance, Rock Hill, South Carolina”.

If you want to get business cards with raised ink braille on them, we recommend Morning Print.

Check out the designs below!

As described in blog post
As described in blog post.

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4 thoughts on “Business cards

  • deborah rubin

    How long is Hestia from neck to tail? Funny question, but you seem to have room for a lot more lines than on Eowyn’s vest without crowding them so close they’d be unreadable.
    Bummer about the Amtrak trick. I haven’t traveled in many years. Usually drive myself, some times get rides, sometimes take cabs. I try to keep myself mobile, I have little money – especially with all of Eowyn’s health needs – and no one to help.
    I don’t really need business cards, but when I do, I design and make them myself.