Working out the body and the brain 2

Today I got to hang out with my friend Doc! We went swimming first, and had a really good workout! Normally we just do 6 laps. Today we decided to swim for 30 minutes, and in that time we accomplished 7 laps and some water aerobics. When we got out, we were tired, but a good kind of tired. We are getting in shape! Working out the body!

We went to Earth Fare for lunch, and I got some tasty sushi and blueberries and cherries for later. They didn’t have any avocado sushi, so I got a spicy salmon roll. It was really good, though they didn’t give me enough ginger.

Afterwards we headed to Doc’s house where we worked on doing some computer stuff for a few hours. This involved working out the brains to try to comprehend Windows! I hope to soon be able to share what we were working on! Teaser, stay tuned!

Unfortunately while at Doc’s house (though luckily after we finished the computer stuff), I started to get my high pain from endometriosis. So I had to leave 30 min earlier than I wanted to. Boo hiss. That also means we won’t be doing much for the next few days. I’ll try a short walk tomorrow for Wednesday Walkies, but it might just be one block down and back.

Feels good to get out in the world and have worked my body and mind!

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