Happy 17th anniversary 6

Today is our 17th wedding anniversary! We were married May 26, 2002. I can remember the date because I made magnets as wedding favors with the date on them, and I still have a few surviving ones on the fridge <3.

Here is a Haiku I wrote for Brad:

My love and best friend

Seventeen years to the day

You are everything

We have been eating out a lot on our various trips, so decided to spend the day at home. We do have a bottle of Proseco, though, to help us celebrate!

Below is a picture of us on our wedding day. I am wearing a white dress and pearls, with a colorful bouquet of flowers in my hand. I have a long flowey veil on, and my short hair is curled. Brad is wearing a black tuxedo with a yellow corsage. He has curly hair and a clean shaven face! This picture was taken after our first kiss as a married couple, when we turned around to face the crowd and be introduced and Mr and Mrs Morris for the first time. I am smiling broadly, and Brad is fighting back tears.

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