A good day 6

Today we did a lot of things, and I did a great job handling them all! I think this is because yesterday was a rest day, where I didn’t do anything. So I saved up all my energy for today!

I showered this morning, and then we went to do errands. We started with a vet appointment for Hestia, for her yearly checkup. I didn’t have any trouble leaving the house! It was great! Poor Hestia wasn’t too happy to be at the vet, but I handled it pretty well, only getting anxious and antsy near the end of the appointment.

Next we headed to Earth Fare to do our grocery shopping. It had been like 2 weeks or so since we’d been to the store, so we had to get a lot of things. I handled it like a champ! I didn’t have to rush Brad, I was able to look at labels on things, and make decisions about what to get.

I was also able to work on Hestia’s stand training while there. We went from needing a treat in my hand to lure her to a stand position to me using my empty hand to lure her into a stand. She did pretty well with that, though I’m going to start out with the treat next time we do it, just to make sure she remembers what we are doing. Nothing worse than setting yourself up for failure, so I will set her up for success by making it easy for her to remember what the right thing to do is.

We also worked on doing it in heel position. I am considering competing in a rally event with UKC next month, and one of the signs involves a stand in the easiest rally level, so I want to be prepared! Oh, and if anyone has any feedback on if I should go to a competition or skip it because of the expense, please let me know!

Next we headed to the pet store, where I went in alone to get Hestia’s food! I did a great job alone, and was even able to use a coupon! We got a total of $10 off!

Last and least, we did the drive-through pharmacy.

When we got home, I was able to help unload and put away all the groceries, I still had that much umpf in me!

I think I was able to have such a good day today for three reasons. First, I had a complete rest day yesterday. Second, my new med doses/combo is doing really well. And third (but definitely the most important!) I have a wonderful service dog who makes getting out there and training such a fun and enjoyable experience!

I hope this doing well time is extended to our DC trip next week!

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