Ollie’s new response 6

Hestia had gotten a little lax in her responses to my episodes, so for the past couple of weeks I’ve really been reinforcing her responses and doing a lot of remedial training. She now will run across the room and jump on my chest and lie down with her paws around my neck like she is hugging me when I’m having a hard time. So I give her treats. We’re working on duration, so it is a lot of her lying on me, and not so much getting the treats so often.

I don’t really do much training with Ollie anymore, but every time Hestia gets a treat, he gets one too. So Ollie has been watching and apparently learning.

Now when I have an episode, Ollie stands over me and starts drooling. He he he! It is so funny! He used to run over for pressure therapy or grounding, but now his response to my episodes is to stand and drool until he gets a treat. It is kinda gross, in addition to being funny!

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