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Something a lot of people don’t understand is how I (and many people with disabilities) can only do a certain number of things in a day, like going to a park or going grocery shopping at a store. I can do one thing a day for a few days in a row without needing a total rest day. Two things are difficult to do in a day, but I can get it done so long as I have a rest day afterwards. Three things in a day is really pushing it, and I need several days to recover.

Today was Three Musketeers day! That means I go swimming with my friend Doc, and then we hang out with our friend Dan, get lunch, etc. I have to leave Hestia at home because she is not pleased when I go into the water to swim.

Luckily I have my service humans, Doc and Dan. They are always watching out for me, checking in with me about my mood and anxiety, and there for me when I need help. They’re not quite as good as Hestia, but they help a lot! Today they were particularly helpful at making me laugh and feel less stressed.

Doc and I did 5 laps of swimming, then we picked up Dan and went to Subway. I get a salad there, with all the veggies except olives. The person making the salad wasn’t doing it with a lot of care, and she must’ve grabbed a handful of jalapeños instead of the normal amount. So my salad was SPICY! It was still very tasty, though.

Subway is inside a Walmart, so we looked around a bit in the store. I found some food I wanted, but Brad always tells me the best present I can get him is to not buy junk food, and that is what I wanted to buy! Doc and Dan got stuff for their wives, though.

I started having a hard time in the store, and when we got to the checkout line, I just couldn’t handle all the people around me without having a Hestia to help me. I had no buffer between me and people. I had no reassuring pressure on my chest, no calming licks on my arms and face. I felt a bit naked! And it is checkout line, so it has to do with money which stresses me out. In the end, I had to leave the checkout line and find a wall to lean against to calm down.

After that I took Dan and Doc home, and then returned home myself. Because that was just the first thing I did today!

The second thing I did was facilitate our local NAMI support group. There were 16 people there! Huge group! We couldn’t get around to talk with everyone, unfortunately. But it overall was a good group.

Then it was time for the third thing….. and well, I just couldn’t do it. There was a NAMI education meeting after the support group. With food and everything. I was just too fried from already having done two things (and one of them without Hestia!). Plus, I got my thumb caught in the elevator mechanics and got a nasty wound. So we went home early.

Luckily I have a rest day planned for tomorrow. I will need it!

But one good thing, I registered for another dog training class! Can’t wait to get back into training! Whew, now I am going to relax!

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