I’m worth 23 cents 2

Lately I’ve gotten very into drinking iced tea. It keeps me hydrated and tastes good. Until I started drinking iced tea, I was chronically dehydrated. Now I”m not!

However, I’ve been feeling guilty about the cost of my iced tea. I can get tea for 10 cents a bag at Tuesday Morning, but they don’t have a lot of herbal tea. So I ordered some herbal teas that taste really good from Amazon, and they are 12 cents a bag.

The way I make tea is 7 tea bags for 7 cups of water. I drink tea and water alternatively during the day, but I usually have between 2-4 glasses of iced tea a day. I calculated the cost, and it is 23 cents per glass of tea.

This made me really worry, that I was spending too much on tea. But then I realized that I am worth 23 cents per glass of iced tea. That is less than a dollar a day if I drink 4 glasses a day.

It was a big deal when I realized that I could continue to drink my iced tea, that I am worth the 23 cents per glass of tea.

Brad says my title is a little misleading (“I’m worth 23 cents”). I hope it’s all clear now! He also says the current value of the elements in a human body is around $4.50, so surely I’m undervaluing myself. He he!

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