Three musketeers ride again 1

The past few weeks we have had to cancel our three musketeers get togethers because of various illnesses of ourselves and our pets. But today we rode again!

I picked Doc up and we went swimming. I did 5 laps, Doc did 6. It was good to get back into swimming! Though apparently I have gained a little bit of weight in our downturn (or maybe it’s just that I keep eating a second dessert!).

We listened to some of Doc’s music on the way to pick up Dan, I am starting to recognize the songs more (Doc likes Jazz). Doc and I talked more about my fragile feeling on the way. I hide from emotions and feelings usually, so when I’m feeling fragile, I don’t always know how or what I’m feeling. It’s like I’m on the balance beam, and I just keep laser focused on the end of the beam so I don’t fall off. I just wall off what is to the sides.

I was really missing Hestia, as she seems to know how I’m feeling by just sensing me, without me having to put it into words. I can just sit there and ignore emotions while Hestia does her Hestia magic on them until they get to the point where I can look at them. (I don’t bring Hestia when we swim, so Doc is my service human– he is a good service human, but no person could beat Hestia!)

Anyway, we went to Just Fresh for lunch, and I got sweet potato fries and a berry smoothie (without the sugar added). Tasty!

Then we went to Doc’s house and had tea and watched some of Baraka, a movie without words kinda similar to Koyaanisqatsi. We chatted through the movie, and had a very relaxing time. Spending the time with Doc and Dan helped the fragile feeling and anxiety go away a little bit. So that was good. But I didn’t want to push it, so I left early.

When I got home, I was still in a more productive mood from talking with Doc and Dan and managed to sweep the house! Tomorrow back to cutting Ollie hair– and then the house will need to be swept again lol!

So glad that we are back to our three musketeers schedule!

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