Strange interaction but kept my boundaries 8

Today I went to Starbucks to meet with someone from NAMI for business purposes. We were mid-discussion about some new NAMI ideas when an quite senior lady came over and started to ask me questions about Hestia. She was polite in what she said, but a little pushy, too, like she deserved to have all her questions about Hestia answered.

I answered a couple of her questions, and could tell she was settling in for a long conversation, so I ended the conversation on my terms! Go me for keeping my boundaries! She asked another question about Hestia, and I answered it and then said “I’m in the middle of a work meeting” and turned away from her and back to my conversation about NAMI stuff. I was very proud of myself!

She stood there for a minute or two like she was trying to make sense of what I was saying (Brad says to be fair, some senior folks probably don’t know that lots of business meetings take place at Starbucks). Then she turned around and left. Go me! I wasn’t rude, but I still managed to stand up for myself. Yay for boundaries!

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