4 year Carolina-versary 5

Four years ago today, Brad and I boarded a plane with Saleen-cat and Ollie in tow, to move out here to South Carolina. Four years ago tomorrow, Brad’s dad drove me up to the breeder’s house to pick up Hestia.

Before we moved out here, we were really stuck in a big rut. We didn’t have enough money for rent, food, even clothing! I went a couple of years only having 5 outfits to wear because we couldn’t afford clothing (and I outgrew all the clothes I had that used to fit)! We were living in a not great neighborhood, eeking out an existence as best we could with Brad’s parents’ support (otherwise we would have been in a homeless shelter!)

That all changed 4 years ago. I remember being sad to leave California, as I love the state so much. But it was also the start to a new life. With the help of Brad’s family, we have a safe nice place to live, we are able to afford clothing and food (Brad’s family is so nice to share sometimes!).

With the move and Hestia both, I was able to get out of my really severe agoraphobia. Those last couple of years in Lompoc, I almost never left the house, and I could not drive for 10 years. Now I have regularly scheduled things to do, I drive myself places, and I am not afraid to go to new places (well, still afraid but tolerably!).

It was a life changing decision to move from California to South Carolina. I am so glad we made that decision! If anyone is in a similar situation, where you are struggling far away from family, I recommend moving to be closer to family (if they are safe). Not only can they help you, they are also a lot of fun to be around! Now a big portion of Brad’s mom’s family lives near us, so we get together pretty often.

Today, for example, we all got together for Brad’s dad’s birthday celebration. I felt so loved and cared for that Brad and I had healthy options to eat for lunch despite our severe dietary restrictions. Everyone in his family is so kind and loving, it really means a lot to us to have that support and caring in our lives. Our lives have changed so dramatically from four years ago.

Thanks again to Brad’s family!

I am posting an old picture of me, Ollie, and Hestia that was taken the day after we moved here after coming home with Hestia. I am wearing a turquoise silk skirt with a brown top. Hestia is a baby puppy with really short black and white fur and a very astonished look on her face. Ollie is a silver poodle sticking his nose up Hestia’s butt for a good sniff.

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