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Yesterday I went swimming with CJ, and then we hung out with Dan. CJ told me I was acting a bit out of it– maybe my brain wasn’t working great, or maybe I wasn’t keeping up the happy facade that I try to so carefully cultivate. I still had a lot of fun with CJ and Dan, though.

CJ painted, Dan played on the computer, and I held a guinea pig. It was nice, I was pleased that we all were doing our own thing but still hanging out together and talking. My brain went mush when CJ brought out the paint supplies, so even though I had worn clothes I could get paint on, I did not paint. It just seemed too complicated to me. Holding a guinea pig just seemed like the right thing to do! I am really lucky to have CJ and Dan as my friends.

Luckily since it is still a time when lots of people have off of work, there wasn’t much traffic on the way home. I had a little trouble navigating, but had my GPS help me. Brad noticed how out of it I was when I got home. He kept trying to talk with me and I would get confused and not understand what we were talking about. I just lost the thread of the conversation so easily.

Today we woke up and went straight to the vet for Miss Hestia. See, when Hestia was born, she had a very small hernia. During her spay surgery, they tried to fix it, but it came back. A few days ago, her hernia doubled in size, so we made a vet appointment. They took X-rays and it is just fat that is in the hernia, nothing too urgent. But since it has grown, they want to fix it just in case. Thankfully since it was their mistake, they are covering 100% of the cost! Thank goodness because we just had Ollie’s surgery!

Hestia got mad at me for handing her off to vet techs a couple times for a weigh in and for the X-rays. The second time I handed her off to the tech, she looked at me as if to say “Betrayal!”. When they brought her back, she refused to sit on my lap and kept giving me the cold shoulder.

I was kinda a mess because I was still quite out of it. I wasn’t processing well at all. And having Hestia go to the back for the weighing and x-raying was fairly tough on me. Brad tried to keep me occupied by practicing sign language with me. I could kinda understand what he was saying, but I couldn’t have enough independent thought to actually reply to him in sign language very well.

We scheduled surgery for the 9th, which was the earliest they could get us in without an emergency. I am hoping Hestia takes it well, as we leave on the 14th to head to Top Dog.

When we got home we had a board meeting, which went well. Then we tried to relax. Brad did a good job of relaxing by falling asleep and staying asleep most of the day. He has been struggling with his energy lately, so he needed it! I did not do such a good job of relaxing. I kept not knowing what was going on, and we came to the conclusion that I must have overdone this week. I had a hard time with telling the time and remembering what channels we usually watch at what times. I was very out of it.

So I decided it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to go to Bagel Day tomorrow 🙁 Brad is too tired to go, so I would have to drive myself, and I’m just not sure that would be such a great idea right now. Brad agrees. Actually Brad brought it up first I think, though I cannot remember.

Hopefully a few days of rest will get me back on track! I am actually feeling the most awake and aware of everything as I have felt all day. Weird! And now it is time for bed!

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One thought on “Out of it

  • Team Blue

    Yep, prolly safer not to drive when brain is not fully engaged. Hope both of you take a just-for-you day today and chill with whatever settles you the best <3

    I was so happy to see all that with Hestia. YAY for the vet owning responsibility and the bill!! 😀