Starting Latuda 8

The chemical formula of Latuda. Basically it has lots of Carbon rings, a salt, and some oxygen and hydrogen and nitrogen. From

The chemical formula of Latuda. Basically it has lots of Carbon rings, a salt, and some oxygen and hydrogen and nitrogen. From

We went to the psychiatrist today.  He was concerned with the amount of depression I’ve been having.  So he is starting me on Latuda.

He said there are only three meds that have been shown to be effective on bipolar depression– zyprexa, seroquel + prozac (there’s a combo med), and latuda.  Well zyprexa and seroquel both worked well for my moods, but made me super hungry all the time and each one made me gain 50 lbs.  I have tried latuda before, and it made me go manic.  But maybe that’s what I need– a mood lift out of depression.

Not that I want to go manic!  I certainly don’t!

So here is where all my friends and family come in:  Over the next few weeks, if I am acting strange at all, please tell me or Brad right away.  Even if you think it is minor.  I want to be on top of this if it does cause mania and/or psychosis.  Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, or it being awkward.  I really do want to know!

I will be doing regular mood scale check-ins with Brad, too.

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8 thoughts on “Starting Latuda

    • Deb and Dakota

      I agree with CJ. I don’t think I have current phone numbers for Brad or you.

      Would appreciate knowing how to reach Brad (and you) in case we get ‘suspicious’!!
      [It’s just because we love you!]

  • Deb and Dakota

    I assume your PDoc has taken your other meds into consideration, and either lowered their dose or is slowly taking you off them.

    I also assume you have visited a site like to enter all the Rx’s and OTC’s you’re taking to see about possible interactions.

    I’ve seen Latuda advertised on TV, and I hope it is a med that will help you. I don’t want you so depressed that you stay in bed all day & night, wearing the same clothes, and not caring about anything or anyone – like I am now. I live in my bed.

    I’m looking forward to hearing how Latuda does/does not help you – any pray it will be a med that is helpful in lifting you out of your depression…

    • Veronica Morris Post author

      He is keeping me on my other meds and will do so until we figure out if latuda is good for me or not.

      I totally get the living in the bed and not showering depression. Today when we were out, Brad kept thinking we had a dead animal in our car. Turns out it was me. Even though I am going swimming tomorrow, he made me shower when we got home.

  • Team Blue

    I thought that sounded like part of your past med merry go round…let’s hope it plays nice with you this time. glad you are giving it another go. feel free to holla for support anytime <3