My peeps and wheeks 2

Today I met up with CJ to swim again.  We swam for a full 30 min!  It was chilly today, so we ended up in the heated pool.  It felt like a sauna after the chilly pool where we did our laps!

Afterward, we went and picked up our friend Dan.  This time I remembered how to get to Just Fresh all by myself!  I like eating at Just Fresh, it is kinda healthy and very tasty!  I got a Berry Blast smoothie without the added sugar and sweet potato fries.  Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

There is one lady who works there whom we’ve seen many times before, and she remembered us this time!  Strange to be remembered for reasons other than a dog and a wheelchair  he he!  Anyway, she was really nice.

A black guinea pig with a white line down the middle of her face, ending in a rosette on her forehead.

A black guinea pig with a white line down the middle of her face, ending in a rosette on her forehead.

After lunch we went back to CJ’s house to watch a nature documentary, hold guinea pigs, and chat.  I held Mariah and Diana!  They loved it (well, probably I loved it more than they did).  I just love everything about guinea pigs, their smell, their noises, their cute lips!  I got a picture of Diana!

CJ and I geeked out a bit, which was fun.  Turns out that the research I did while on rotation at Chapel Hill is directly related to the research CJ did for his PhD!  Chemotaxis in E. coli!  I studied the genetics of it, and he studied their diffusion.  So the chemical engineer version is what CJ did, and I did the molecular biology and genetics of it.  We are so alike it is scary sometimes!  I got to read his abstract, and then I drove Dan home.

I got home at 4PM, which was just enough time before Brad needed to leave to go to a rally.  He made signs and everything!  But when he got there (late),  no one had shown up 🙁

Now I am comfy and warm with my doggy sweater and slippers and two doggies on top of me as we prepare for the Panthers game tonight!

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2 thoughts on “My peeps and wheeks

  • Team Blue

    Oh, that piggins is beautiful <3 my sister's piggins (years ago) used to holler for carrots anytime she even thought people were close by, and she loved to ride in hoodies.

    Love that you have a nerd partner too…it totally helps! 😀