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A white ceramic bowl with applesauce in it, and apples in the background.

A white ceramic bowl with applesauce in it, and apples in the background.

This morning, I talked with a NAMI family to family class about my struggles and accomplishments as a person with a mental health disability.  It went well, and I was happy to share and happy to see my friends there as well!  Hestia was great.  During my talking time, she alerted to rising anxiety, and went into pressure therapy mode, where she lies across my chest and pushes into me.  Everyone there thought that was awesome.

After the talk, there was a potluck lunch.  I tried really hard to stick to my diet!  I had potato salad, a potato and cheese dish, fresh fruit, a deviled egg, and some homemade applesauce.  Well, I have been spoiled with homemade and store bought applesauce not containing sugar, so I didn’t even think to ask if that was made with sugar.

When I got home, I was starting to get really anxious and antsy.  I couldn’t figure out why.  It wasn’t until later that I realized the applesauce must have had some sugar in it.  Ever since eating it, I have been struggling with my anxiety.  Just another reminder to me that cane sugar is no good for me!  I don’t eat it because it makes me anxious and prone to panic attacks.

I had thought I was being so good– and I avoided all gluten, too!  But the applesauce got me I think.

Now to cuddle more with Hestia, who has been stuck to me like glue all afternoon long, giving pressure therapy and generally making me laugh.

You know, I accidentally bought some pumpkin chips that have sugar in them.  Maybe now is the right time to eat them since I am already anxious.  Just have a cheat day in  my diet.

On second thought, Brad says this is a horrible, horrible idea…  (No disrespect intended to addicts)  He says if I were a drug addict and I accidentally did a little bit of crack, it would be like saying oh well, I already messed up once today, I might as well use all crack all day and even some meth.  He he he.  Strange Brad, but he did get the message across.  I will have to return the pumpkin chips.

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