The perils of learning to sign 2

Today was the first of our ASL time– this is where Brad and I learn and practice ASL (American Sign Language). We have set aside about a half hour every week to learn and practice.

We learned the alphabet today (well, Brad learned it, I remembered it) and some mood signs. We learned a group of signs including anxious, nervous, scared, and frightened.

I noticed as we were practicing that Hestia was having a fit! She was jumping on me, pawing at me, laying down on my chest, etc.

I asked Brad what was wrong with her, and he reminded me that she is trained to respond to the word “anxious” because when I’m not doing well I often say “I’m anxious”. So poor Hestia thought I was really needing help as I was simply practicing my ASL! Too funny!

Here is the video we watched:

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2 thoughts on “The perils of learning to sign

  • Team Blue

    Atta Empress!! Proud of you and Brad for working on this–ASL and I used to be friends, but I mess it up now because my hands don’t work the way they need to. You go, Team Morris! <3

  • Luke Antonellis

    So cool! I learned a few signs while at the Voc Rehab work training center because there was a deaf person working there too. I’ve forgotten most of it now though. There is also a signer at one of the Masses at the parish I go to, so I learned a few prayer-based signs. I wouldn’t mind learning it for real someday. Add that one to my bucket list.