Bullied begets more bullying 5

The other day a reporter from the Rock Hill Herald interviewed me about my childhood bullying.  I told her about my bullying, and she video recorded the interview.  I found out this morning that the interview was posted online.  I’ve been busy today so hadn’t had time to post it here yet.

Anyway, in the description of the video, the person put that I am president of PSDP.

So wouldn’t you know it, some of my old online bullies found the video and are posting nasty things about me on other platforms.

Isn’t it ironic that a video about bullying gets me bullied more?!


Brad says it’s sad that they’re still “haters” years later (and facts still don’t matter to them!).  I just hope being public about my struggles empowers those who are bullied more than the bullies.


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5 thoughts on “Bullied begets more bullying

  • Team Blue

    FANTASTIC that you put yourself out there! It only takes one person’s story to positively change someone else’s story 😉
    <3 <3 <3

  • Kakhi

    Sounds like you have a grasp on this & I agree with Brad. I know, shocking. Maybe these people have some issues with obsessive or ruminating thoughts if it has gone on this long? I mentioned in yoga training this week about how we can be so careful about not drinking milk that is 4 days past expiration, but we can hold on to thoughts long after they become toxic. Love you. Be safe! Kakhi

  • Luke Antonellis

    Some people never grow up. Apparently whatever troubled them long ago that made them into keyboard tough guys still plagues them to this day. I am confident a lot more empowerment will come to the bullied, thanks to your testimony, than the bullies.

  • Tami Hilbert

    So Brave of you to share in public like you do.
    I’m sorry you are having to deal with the negativity from the bullies from the past.
    As we all know when you have PTSD the past doesn’t stay in the past where it belongs even when it does. (If that make sense).
    Sending LOVE your way and spoons. You got this.

  • Genelle

    Veronica, you are amazing and the world is a better place because of you. I’m sorry this happened to you and it’s sick that people are just piling on the abuse still. <3