Overdoing 5

Yesterday I overdid.  I had a reporter interview me. We went to get our flat tire changed. I had to facilitate NAMI. And I had to facilitate sign making after NAMI.

On the way home I was FREAKING OUT. It seemed like it was taking YEARS for us to get home. It’s only 15 min, but I swear it felt like 15 months. That’s not happened to me before, or at least if it has I don’t remember it. I was practically screaming and bouncing up and down, and it seemed to take forever. But it was really clear to me that I had overdone.

So, I was supposed to go swimming today, but my friend is also having a hard time, so we cancelled.  And good thing, too, as today I’m having a reoccurrence of my chronic endometriosis pain.

So I am officially taking today off.  Tomorrow the only thing I have is a therapy appointment, so other than that I will take that day off, too.

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5 thoughts on “Overdoing

  • Luke Antonellis

    I’ve had a similar experience while on the ride home one time. I don’t think it was the same physiological thing, because it was likely due to a bad reaction to a medication I was taking at the time, but the feeling was the same. Enjoy your day or two off! You’ve earned it.

  • Deb and Dakota

    When I worked at PCSO, we had an unwritten rule that everyone could have one “Mental Health Break”. It was logged as a sick day. Sometimes we just take on way too much to our own detriment. Having a Mental Health day off would come in handy.

    It is difficult (in my eye’s mind) when I see that you are ALWAYS doing something – physically and mentally. I’m glad to hear that after your very stressed out system made you take this break. You could delegate some of your responsibilities to others that are either on the Board or Moderators.

    We ALL have some days when we just need to NOT worry about the day-to-day workings that we do, and just chill out for a couple days to recharge our batteries.

    But I’m having a hard time reconciling your high stress level and actually taking a day or two off. The world will still be turning when we’re ready to come back. I’m so glad you recognized the mental & physical state you got sucked into and have decided to veg out for a bit. You can’t help others, when you need help yourself!

    So a BIG Yippee-Skippee to YOU for recognizing the signs and are proactively dealing with them. Hmmm, 2 days? K, is that enough time to take the red eye back and forth to California – where you belong – traitor?!?!?! [LOL, IJK]

    Enjoy some free time and use it to either go out and find something fun to do, or better yet, curl up on the sofa with Miss Hessie and a favorite Harry Potter book!

    Waiting eagerly for your refreshed return…

    • Veronica Morris Post author

      Thanks Deb! I decided to take tomorrow off, too. So that will be three days in a row off. I do need to not be so busy, but it is hard! There is so much stuff I want to do, and so little time to do it in! I keep saying I’m not going to add anything, but now I’m needing to learn sign language, so yes I am adding one more thing to my week. Luckily lit’s only 30 min a week or so, with Brad, and should be pretty fun. We are going to be taking an online ASL class. I need to remind myself that I’m on disability for a reason! I shouldn’t be trying to fit everything into my life, it just leads to burnout and overdoing.

      • Team Blue

        ” I shouldn’t be trying to fit everything into my life, it just leads to burnout and overdoing.”
        plaster that in every room of your house!! 😀 we all get to that point where we see it, acknowledge it, and learn to live within it…and find peace in that. true story!