Hestia the merdog 4

A long while ago on Amazon Prime Day, I ordered Hestia a life jacket.  It is pink and includes a mermaid tail!  I’ve been meaning to get photos of it for a while.  Today a good friend of mine is having a hard time, and so I am posting the pictures now to make her smile 🙂

The life jacket is pink and has shiny scales on the sides and back.  There is a pink mermaid tail hanging off the back end of Hestia.  Hestia is sitting on our bed which is topped with an every-color quilt my great grandmother made for me.  Our headboard is wooden with lots of skinny slats.  You can also see a painting I did in the background on the purple walls of our room.  The painting is an abstract painting in red, yellow, blue and purple symbolizing myself, Brad, and Sabrina.

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